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Request for Submissions -- Deadline March 16th, 2007

Request for Submissions -- Deadline March 16th, 2007

Spaces provides a forum to critique, examine and re-define how educational
research is understood and practiced. Submissions should explore a diversity
of pedagogical philosophies and research practices inherent to the Arts and
Humanities. Works from disciplines across the Arts and Humanities, including
English, Philosophy, History, Art and Music are strongly encouraged, as are
works that challenge the very notion of ³disciplines².

Innovative text and image formats are recommended. We are looking for
work that addresses topics including, but not limited to, the following:
* The roles and potential of ³practice² in the Arts and Humanities
* Spaces, places, and locations of learning
* The arts as a space of learning, education, and/or research
* The arts as research practice
* The redefinition of education, including distinctions between ³education²
* and ³schooling² and notions of ³de-schooling²
* Education beyond schools
* The Arts and/or Humanities beyond the school
* Education as an ever-changing practice in the Arts and Humanities
* The arts as distinct from the humanities (and vice-versa)
* Politics, the arts, humanities, and education

If you would like to submit artworks, please include a descriptive abstract
or artist's statement along with the work.

For more information
please contact:

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